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Glory is a photo series that was printed on newspaper designed by Nick Pecori. There are only 150 in existence.

The newspaper consists of a 24-page layout including three unique photo series. Each series earned six pages. Book ending the series are details about the shoot, Behind the Glory, and product photography done by Nick Pecori. The layout was designed with 20 revisions in about a two-month period including wait time for proofs, laying out revisions, etc.

The newspaper was delivered in an 11.25” x 8” customized box to capture the attention of those delivered to. Wrapping the box is newspaper clippings based off of actual headlines on significant dates in Manchester United’s history from 1958-2019.


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Glory is dated on the 26th of May, 2019. This date’s significance happens to be the 20th anniversary of Manchester United’s Treble in 1999. The only club in English history to accomplish this feat. (Champions of the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League)



The magazine doesn’t have a price. All is asked is five minutes of the viewers time, if that. Since time is our most valuable asset we all have.

In this digital and social age, someone’s worked is viewed only in seconds. With Glory, the idea was to engage the viewer to digest, take in, and enjoy the context of each image.

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One of the tiniest details you’ll find is on the barcode on the front cover. Where barcode numbers usually would be, you’ll find a code spelt, “20x20xISAY”.

This code is actually lyrics from a chant Manchester United supporters sing titled, “20 Times”.



Delivering the newspaper magazine is a very unique box. Wrapped in newspaper clippings, the headlines sets the scene as you open Glory. Each clipping is referenced inside as the viewer reads along.

The two main headlines reference the Munich Air Disaster (top left) and the English Treble (top right). These two headlines illustrate the contrast of the club’s lowest and highest point in it’s history.

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