Hey everyone! I had a blast photographing all the great athletes at the SPSC Classic this past Spring, and am honored as well as excited to be a part of the The Bod Wods competition this fall! 

For The Bod Wods, we are bringing something new to offer all the competitors. We are offering individual photo packages to all athletes! What does this mean? You will be guaranteed at least 5 high quality photos from the competition totally focused on the athlete. There is a possibility there could be more than the guaranteed amount of images for you. The package for each individual athlete is $30

Competitors will need to check in with me before the competition begins, you will be given a marking so I can easily identify you during all WODs.

Purchasing this Photo Package ensures that I will deliver at least 5 high quality shots of each athlete. You are likely to receive more than this. By participating, you grant Nick Pecori Photography & SPSC CrossFit rights to use these images in their marketing and marketing of this event's sponsors. All photos will be delivered in high quality format via a DropBox link. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


The Bod Wods Photo Package
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