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Creative. Social Producer. Photographer. Writer.



Everything came together like a perfect storm...

After scheduling, rescheduling, and beyond...Sunny and I finally had the opportunity to collaborate. It was 3 months in the making but sure enough, we finally made it happen. The plan was the shoot natural light downtown in St. Petersburg, FL. 

Bright and early that Sunday morning we had Lucrecia do an amazing job on the makeup (per usual). We had 3-4 looks planned. One look was a more Polo Ralph Lauren-esque with a military jacket paired with red-plaid leggings. I decided to use an old Post Office as the backdrop for this scene which I thought complimenting Sunny and her look very well.

Our second look was one of my 'signature' looks using denim. Whenever denim is an option I seem very drawn to it every time for some reason. I really like the timeless, American look it gives and how it compliments every model. I found an empty bar that still hadn't open for the day, although the manager was opening. Out of courtesy, I asked if we could shoot on the outdoor bar for 5-10 minutes, turns out all we needed was one...

For our third, we decided to use the beach at Vinoy as the setting. I have to give all the styling and location credit to Sunny's mother, Robin, on this one. She had a really great idea and concept and boy did it pay off. The images came out amazing using this Hollister sweater paired with the hat. For the fourth and final look, we had Sunny on the beach with a blue top that really popped and resulted in some bomb images!

Everything came together like magic; the model was awesome, the makeup, the light that day, everything! It was a great team effort with Sunny, Robin, and John. All in all an amazing session and cannot wait to do it again with Sunny and the team!

Until next time!